Classic designs last for years and make beautiful subjects in their own right. The ornate craftsmanship on display in historic architecture can often be overwhelming, so I like to close in, looking for iconic devices that mark the era and style.
Modern buildings are prime candidates for simplification and abstraction and much of the enjoyment in photographing recent construction comes from searching for just the right angle to emphasise line and form.


Contrast - Brisbane in Black and White

My first solo exhibition was held at Bella Arts Gallery in June 2007. The collection consisted of the following monochrome portraits of Brisbane architecture.

91 Queen Street Bank of New South Wales The Belgian Walter Taylor Bridge GPO Railings

Planetarium Portholes Path to Glory Eagle Street Pier Post Office Square Wickham Terrace Curves

The Observatory Brisbane Square Government House Windows Newstead Tessellation Queen Street Sandstone



More images from the city I call home. I spend my weekdays in the CBD and while travelling to and from work, am often on the lookout for possible subjects.

Fumior Salon Kangaroo Point Flats Lion Fount    



Structures a little further afield. These images come from Northern towns.

Silent Balcony
Church Round
Beach Steps
Calliope Coast